3-beregovaya-stationThe NED pipeline will require compressor stations with large engines to maintain pressure and move the gas through the pipeline. Nine new compressor stations are planned for the NED project in four states.


Key facts regarding the proposed compression stations:

  • Current proposed locations are New Milford, PA; Franklin, NY; Schoharie, NY; Wright, NY;Nassau, NY; Windsor, MA; Northfied, MA; Dracut, MA and New Ipswich, NH.
  • Approximately 50-75 acres will be needed for each compressor station.img33924
  • The stations proposed for Nassau, Windsor and Northfield will be 41,000 horsepowered (potentially scaled up to 90,000 hp) stations. These will be the largest compressor stations ever built in the United States.
  • Normal operational functions of the compressor stations include:
    • The station will be powered by turbine engines which produce sound up to 113 decibels which is the equivalent of a very loud rock concert or a Nascar type race track with a full field of cars racing at top speed. Below are youtube Noise pollution concept.videos of sounds of smaller compressor stations.


  • Periodic “blowdowns” are conducted which are intentional ventings to release pressure. These blowdowns can last up to two hours and close proximity can be as loud as a 747 airplane taking off.   Approximately half mile to a mile away it would sound like a standing lawn mower (60-90 decibels). Below is youtube video of blowdowns.


  • The compressor station will operate 24 hours / 7 days a week which will require stadium style lights that will illuminate the minimum 10 acres needed for the compression station complex.