Please click here and sign our petition urging Governor Cuomo to order an independent health and safety study on the effects of gas pipeline and its infrastructure.


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Email our federal, state and local representatives to voice your opposition to the NED pipeline compression station on Clarks Chapel Road in Nassau.  Below are documents that includes our representatives, their contact information and sample letters.

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It’s EASY! Call the list below.

  • Call Governor Cuomo at (518) 474-8390. DIAL 3 AT THE VOICE PROMPT. Tell him to STOP ALL FRACKED GAS INFRASTRUCTURE IN NY and ask for a comprehensive, UNBIASED health impact study. Adding your own anecdote about Burden Lake helps too!

blue treeBlued Trees Overture Project 

“Natural” gas is in quotes because the source is from fracking and the process generates methane. Advertising it as a source of clean energy is at best, a misnomer and as others have pointed out, the marketing strategy is comparable to how tobacco companies historically defended toxic practices.

The Blued Trees score is both a spatial map for installation and a musical composition.
Anyone may be a participating performer June 21, 2015 as part of the Greek Chorus for theBlued Trees symphonic overture. The goal of painting trees in a particular design on the surface and a pattern of distribution across distance is for the purpose of establishing a legally defensible copyright.  Click here for more information on the project and how you can participate.


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Get educated on the effects a natural gas pipeline compressor station will have in your neighborhood through our Resources page.


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Check out the Save Burden Lake pages on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up to date on news regarding the compressor station, community events, and other call to actions needed.

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The Burden Lake Citizens Against NED Pipeline & Compressor Station is a community organized group consisting of volunteers.  Funds donated through our Go Fund Me page will be used to help volunteers create materials for public education, hire professionals (including but not limited to lobbyists) to help gain support of elected leaders and fight Tennessee Gas Pipeline (aka: Kinder Morgan) from putting the compressor station on Clarks Chapel Road in Nassau, New York.   Please consider helping us!  Click here to make a donation.

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Our organization is always in need of volunteers to do a variety of jobs.  These include knocking on doors, reaching out to community leaders or personal networks, organizing and attending community events, attending rallies, and everything in between.  We welcome anyone interested in helping out.  Please contact us at