ecology_21_low resThe proposed compressor station at Clarks Chapel Road in Nassau, New York is a 41,000 horsepower station (Note: Kinder Morgan will have the option to expand to meet “market demand” once the initial 41,000hp station is built). One of the largest stations ever constructed in the United States. There are 500 residential homes, three lakes and six working farms within a two mile radius of the proposed compressor station. Click here to see a 10 mile radius map of the proposed compressor station at Clarks Chapel Road in Nassau.  The Town of Nassau and Rensselaer County have passed resolutions opposing the NED pipeline and the compressor station on Clarks Chapel Road despite the tax income this project proposes to the town. Rensselaer County has passed similar resolutions as well.

“First and foremost among my concerns with the proposed pipeline is the issue of safety. It has been shared with me that if the project went forward, the pipeline would operate under much greater pressure than what other local gas piplines are subjected to. Second, the proposed pipeline is expected to have a negative impact on local property values. Advancing a project that would likely drive down property values would be completely unfair to local homeowners. Third, the pipeline would provide little to no financial benefit for local communities throughout Rensselaer County. “ NYS Senator Kathleen A Marchione

Minisink Compressor Station in Minisink, New York – A GLIMPSE into what life would be like on BURDEN LAKE with a compressor station 1/2 mile away!

A 12,600 horsepower compressor station was constructed in Minisink, New York in Orange County to service the Millennium pipeline.  To see recent updates on what it is like to live next door to a compressor station that will be a third of the size of the one proposed for Clarks Chapel location, visit their web site below.

Residents along Clarks Chapel and Burden Lake

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