Folders in PCThis page is designed to give you multiple resources to learn more about compressor stations, the NED pipeline, health studies, and call to action movements.

Clarks Chapel Road Proposed Compressor Station Fact Sheet

Nassau-Burden Lake Citizens Against the NED Pipeline and Compressor Station comments submitted to FERC – August 2015

Existing natural gas pipelines, compressor stations and other infrastructure in New York

Contact your elected officials.  Click here for the all the addresses and sample wording for emails and letters.

Complete It Cuomo

We need to get Governor Cuomo to complete his ban on fracking by banning the transportation of natural gas through New York State and any new pipeline infrastructure and compressor station.  Like Complete It Cuomo on Facebook – Click here.


Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project 

The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (EHP) is a nonprofit environmental health organization created to assist and support Washington County residents who believe their health has been, or could be, impacted by natural gas drilling activities.  There is a lot of important health information about living near a compressor station on their site.  They have also done extended studies on residents living in close proximity to compressor stations.  Click here to visit their site.

Minisink Compressor Station in Minisink, New York – A GLIMPSE into what life would be like on BURDEN LAKE with a compressor station 1/2 mile away!

A 12,600 horsepower compressor station was constructed in Minisink, New York in Orange County to service the Millennium pipeline.  To see recent updates on what it is like to live next door to a compressor station that will be a third of the size of the one proposed for Clarks Chapel location, visit their web site below.

Minisink Matters – 

Living near a compressor station – New York’s Silent but Deadly Fracking Problem

Gas leaks at Compressor Stations – Gas leak at Minisink Compressor Station

Gas Venting (aka: blowdowns) at Minisink station – Scheduled Gas Venting alert

News Articles

US EPA’s study confirms water contamination caused by fracking

Simply put, there’s no need for NED