The Burden Lake community is a close knit neighborhood that is made up of families who have lived and recreated on Burden Lake for multiple generations.  Children have grown up swimming, boating, ice skating, snowmobiling and much more on Burden Lake.  It is a slice of paradise that is very special.  Burden Lake is home to three bald eagles and numerous species of wild life.  Below is a gallery of our community and the history of our Burden Lake.

“Burden Lake” by Edward Nord in 1940.

Three years ago in thirty seven, we stumbled on this earthly heaven, a bit of water, earth and air, a group of friends beyond compare.  Life began for me that day, a life of laughter, always gay.  There friendship too unknown to me grew in true sincerity. The people there are all so grand, what’er you do they understand. Crack and wise cracks come galore without the victim getting sore. Yet when conditions grew quite strained, lightheartedness received the pain.  And he who suffered always found, his friends and he were closer bound.  So each day would gift to me, new riches never known to be:  True friends, good times, a lot of play, each dawn another holiday. Now as another summer ends and there’s a parting of our friends, choked up inside we shed our tears, until we think of future years.

History of Burden Lake

Seasons of Burden Lake
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